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Frequent Writer, Occasional Party Hostess, Full-Time Eater

Lisa is a YYZ’er, previously residing in YYC, and now living (and loving) life in YVR. She’s a fearless cook that believes the best moments revolve around eating new foods, travelling to exotic places and appreciating the small things in life (essentially, everything from The Book of Awesome).

Formerly a number cruncher, Lisa left the financial industry to pursue a career that enabled her to be creative and feel fulfilled, which ultimately lead her to launch this website. Lemon Lime Lisa is a platform to show her love for photography, food, and events around town – all things that make her happy. Initially starting off as a creative outlet, Lemon Lime Lisa has spawned into one of Lisa’s proudest achievements as it has given her the chance to connect with individuals all over the world and provide opportunities she never knew existed.

It’s never too late for second chances and pursue something you love. Just make sure to jump.

Come along on my adventure and see what’s next.




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